About Me


Name: Leslie Homan
Birthday: June 21st
Education: Golden West College, Trucco, Joe Blasco

I have over thirty years experience as a freelance makeup artist, my work includes but is not limited to film, music videos, infomercials, television commercials, prime time network news as well as print work and advertising work.

My work is currently seen weekly by millions of television viewers on WWE Monday Night Raw and Tuesday night Smackdown Live both airing on the USA network. In July 2015 I became the lead artist for the WWE makeup team, leading a talented and diverse team of 9 artists.

My extensive experience in makeup, hair and wardrobe styling will take you and your project to the next level!




  • 7-2017 to current Lead Makeup Artist At WWE
  • WWE YouTube makeup tutorials for GoldDust and The Boogieman
  • Speaking-working appearance on Logan Paul’s YouTube channel.
  • On camera appearances on Total Bella’s
  • Regular on camera appearances on Total Divas
  • E Entertainment. Television
  • Jimmy Kimmel ABC
  • WWE Monday Night Raw
  • WWE Smackdown Live
  • Sessions Magazine Cover Issue #4
  • NHL MVP Corey Perry
  • Mickey’s Beer 2010: Campaign
  • WWE Summer Slam: TV
  • WWE Summer Skin
  • WWE Diva search 2006
  • Femme Metale: Video & Marketing
  • Ed Grier: Disney President Head Shot
  • Kitsch ‘n’ Kouture: Marketing
  • Upper Deck Featuring Julie Foudy Olympic Gold Medalist
  • Ice Cube “Death Certificate”: Album
  • Scareface “The Untouchable”: Album
  • Disney Youth Musicians: Poster
  • Bleeding Vegas: Feature Film
  • Pond Of Anaheim: Brochure
  • Medieval Times: Advertising Materials
  • So let’s dance a bit: Infomercial
  • Regal Ware: Infomercial
  • WWE Diva search 2005
  • Soulful Divas: All 5 Album Set
  • Sepultura: “Arise” Music Video
  • MSG: “Never Ending Nightmare” Music Video
  • Ozzy Osbourne: “Bombers” Music Video
  • Sacred Reich: “The American Way” Music Video
  • Contraband: “All the way from Memphis” Music Video
  • LA Guns: “Never Enough” Music Video
  • Robust Entertainment: “Blowin’ Smoke” Video
  • Happy 50th Birthday Bikini: Video
  • Legs Diamond: “I Am For You” Music Video


  • WWE
  • NHL
  • Reality Star Nicole Polizzi AKA Snookie
  • Comedian Wayne Brady
  • E Entertainment Television
  • Miller / Coors
  • World Wrestling Entertainment
  • Disney
  • Barbie Blank former WWE Diva Kelley Kelley
  • WWE Diva Eve Torres
  • WWE Divas The Bella Twins
  • WWE Diva Rosa Mendes
  • TNA Gail Kim
  • VENÜ MAGAZINE arts/culture/style
  • Art Photographer Justice Howard
  • One Source Talent
  • Femme Metale
  • Kitsch ‘n’ Kouture
  • Underground Hound
  • Pond Of Anaheim
  • Medieval Times
  • Interscope Records
  • So let’s dance a bit
  • Regal Ware
  • Healthcare Partners
  • Jet Jam
  • KCAL Channel 9 News